Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unloading the point and shoot.

From November. My brother and his weirdo high school buddies caught up during his time home when Jazminn died. They jammed till 6am.

Sharing Time crafts.

Our Christmas Eve ...

... which looked alot like our New Years eve.

Dinner last night.
Basmati, honey & no salt salmon with a pineapple salsa.
One of the better meals from the week.

The Farmers came home yesterday. I missed the one legged one.

Graduated from biking around Nans and Ma's yard to biking on the main road through Ruralville.

Isa day 4.
Still not feeling what everyone says I should be feeling. The cravings have gone, but no one told me they would.
It hasn't got better, it hasn't got worse.
I spend my time now looking on Pinterest for low calorie meals that look more appetizing than rice, chicken and broccoli ... unseasoned.

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Melissa said...

lol there's lots out there. This first part is the toughest. You're doing so great to get this far. Whatever you do don't quit, keep going till the end, otherwise it screws up you're metabolism. You're awesome. How about some before and after shots? 😉

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