Friday, January 30, 2015


The last three days I've been helping my Mum at work getting stuff ready for the new school year, which commences on Monday. My Alma Mater has always had a traditional rivalry with the school and I've always heard spooky stuff about the campus from school friends and even my Mum.

She was on campus one day when the boys had a day trip out. She knew she was alone and was pretty surprised to hear someone calling in Maori from the campus church. Apart from bumps in the night in certain dorms, that was the only experience she'd had in the 13 years she's worked there. My Uncle Darrell thought the place was eerie too. When my parents lived on campus, I'd see things in my peripheral vision, but so far out of my view that it was easy to shrug off.

Walking through one of the dorms on Wednesday I got two very distinct taps on the right shoulder. No one there. It happened again shortly after. Yesterday I was walking through the dorm areas and in my right ear a boys voice clearly greets me, "Hello again".

I told my Mum about it and she wasn't surprised. As I was telling Shaily about it we heard doors swing open and shut at the other end of the dorm. Now aware that anything I see in my peripheral vision was probably what I thought it was, I began looking at things sideways and sure enough, something was moving through the dorms that wasn't of this world.

Scared the crap out of Shaily. She told us later that she was scared. I told her it ain't nothing but a thang because between you and the spirit stands Uncle Lazz. The feeling was playful. It certainly explains Hubba running through the dorms giggling. Yesterday I found her sitting on the steps of the dorms trying to share crackers with someone.

Water flow can create energy.
It's been raining since Tuesday.

Then there was dinner tonight.
Whole-wheat Pita Pizzas.

The child ate around the onions and picked off the bacon to eat last.

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Melissa said...

I love it.
That pizza looks yum. I'm hungry.