Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Monday of Jan.

I tend to jinx myself when I tell people of my plans, future, present and anything that falls out of those categories. It gets me every time. My blog would be an entertaining place this year if I shared with you Internets the up and comings, but with the tendency of jinxage lurking, it's going to be a need-to-know or once-completed share.

She wanted to change her name today to Captain Pickles. She did not want to be called Hubba or EJ. Captain Pickles had a great day today and was ready for bed at 6pm. To keep her awake I began family home evening where we read the first few chapters of the New Testament kids book. As it does for me, it only made her more tired and she was close to falling asleep just as Herod ordered the wise men to report back on the location of Christ.

Isa dinner.
Brown rice salmon & avocado sushi via St. Pierre's Sushi. I only got it because I had been stamped ten times on the reward card and my 11th was free, but they make it to order and I had to leave out the much loved Q-Pie and hoisin
485 cals for 6 pieces.

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Me said...

it seems captain pickles still likes mermaids :)