Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Isa Dinner Wednesday

Thanks Nat's for the recipe. I added a few spices here and there, but for someone who doesn't like kumara or pumpkin, this was delish.
Shepherds/Cottage Pie with Kumara & Pumpkin smash.

Grilled cabbage with sesame oil & garlic powder.

I did not eat the corn because corn consumed without butter is criminal.

Mixed Vegetables 36 cals (2oz)
Premium Mince Beef 134 cal (134g)
Diced canned tomatoes 68 cal (3/4 can)
Cottage Cheese & Chives 24 cal (1/2 pot)
Cabbage w/ Sesame oil & Garlic 70 cals
322 Calories
Corn on the cob 155 cal (per ear)

This one was filling.

Your metabolism can shut down when you reduce your calorie intake. This comes with an array of side effects, like major fatigue. This explains the tiredness, but wait ... Isagenix said their products increase your metabolism. I'm doing everything right and I still just want to sleep all day.
Isa Day 10.
Without Larry Day 788.

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