Monday, January 19, 2015

Isa Dinner tonight.

Salmon Ceviche on Cos with a whole wheat tortilla.

Cucumber 16 cal (1 cup)
Tomatoes 32 cal (1 cup)
Red Onions 16 cal (1/4c)
Salmon 53 cals (3 tbsps)
Cos/Romaine Lettuce 8 cal (3 leaves)
Whole wheat tortilla 92 cal (1 6")
Lemon Juice 12 cal (1 lemon)
229 Calories for this meal.

That's crap when you're supposed to have a daily intake of 2000 calories or 500 per meal. You lose 2 calories sneezing. I'm going to have myself a banana to push it over 300 and call it a day.

Calorie counting = BS.
I'm going to IsaPaleo I think. Instead of calorie counting with my meals, Paleo food.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

That looks good. You're right calorie counting sucks. I wish someone would makes my meals for me.

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