Thursday, January 8, 2015

I need a break in the weather.

The heat has given me a cold. Ironic.
Spent the night trying not to cough up a lung. It was hot so I turned a fan on. The fan being on irritated my throat, which set off a motion of events and had me breaking my no swearing goal for 2015.
The last few days.
Koura from the river. They're basically crawdads.

I tried to explain how they do it in Louisiana, but no one cared.

I do love pavlova, but I do not love berries. I ate around the berries, so I can't tell you how great it tasted in it's entirety because I fed the berries to Bebi.

Papa Greg's rustic bath.

Breakfast at McDs.

Hubba's backyard pool.

Picking cherry plums. There are millions on my tree this year. Last year they were yellow, this year they're almost black.

Getting somewhere with that feature wall.

I'm a plump Maori and I embraced it years ago. I figured, I have a husband who knows he isn't perfect himself, but thinks I'm his kind of perfect and that worked. I also have great people in my life who love me and care enough to give me a kick-start.
That's love.
Goodbye burgers, Hello Monday.

I heard something on the radio lastnight that made me pause and ponder during a coughing fit.
What makes you happy?
Having someone to love.
Having something to do.
Having something to look forward to.

Tyler moves home today. I rolled my eyes when she told me she was coming back. She has learned alot in the last 10 months and at the end of it, she's single, free and has a plan. We'll be prepping her new room during weekend because she is not moving in to Hubba's room, much to her dismay. She's heading to the US next month for a four month tour. More on that later.

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Melissa said...

Everything looks so good. Good luck with swearing and stuff. I should make that a goal too but I know I won't be able to do it cause I like swearing. It hits the spot when I need it to.

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