Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good Parenting 101

Family time together is a great time for you to privately judge how well you're doing as a parent. You look at the children of your siblings and cousins and 100% compare their parenting skills to yours.
It happens.

I've been observing for a while now, in and outside of the festive season and let me tell you this ... lucky they're all related otherwise I would have cut them off eons ago.

I'm not claiming to be the best despite this blog blatantly telling a different story.

It comes up now and again about her social activity and each time it comes up, it irks me the wrong way when people assume she doesn't have one. We live in a rural community. Everyone other house is a blood relative. We visit family every day. Family visit. She participates in primary at church on Sundays. We have neighbors who have children.

Tyler was raised with adults.
She turned out fine ... sort of.

I also hate bullies and Hubba is fragile to that because she is kind. Adult to adult confrontation on the issue fails almost every time. No one wants to hear that their kid is a bully, so I remove her from the situation and explain, to her, why.

"She's scared. You scare her".
If being a disciplinarian is scaring her, then so be it. Having the respect of your children is a must. The little rodents have the power to run you down to the ground if given the chance. I don't offer her the chance and she is a better person because of it.

"She doesn't want to leave yet. She wants to stay"
She is four years old. She doesn't have a choice and as an adult, don't negotiate with a four year old.

"She wants to come and sit with me (during church)".
From past experience, I know what a child sitting without their parent is like during church time. I have taught her reverence during Sacrament meeting by sitting her next to me the entire 1.5 hours. 

You may have 5 children, or 8 even 10 and thumbs up to you, but I have one and I'm going to give it my all to make sure she's humanized properly and if that means sheltering her at four years old, then I'm going to do it.

Cherry on the top.
Sitting on the swing minding her own business at a park tonight, other kids start to moan and whine about wanting to get on the swing too. I ask Hubba to hop off so someone else can swing and she was perfectly fine about it. Two kids come to fight for the swing pushing her into the direction of the other swing where she gets kicked in the face twice. 

Humanize your offspring before they completely get the better of you.

There's only one more thing to say.
Bite me.


Me said...

i hate bullies too. sadly you never really get away from them. lots of adults are bullies. at my most recent job i was getting bullied. so i guess its good shes learning the skills to deal with those nasty situations now :(

Melissa said...

Love the honesty

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