Friday, January 23, 2015


The last vegetables of our garden are showing signs of life. The apple cucumbers in particular are pumping and we're going to get around 20 of them from 2 plants. Only looks like 1 green capsicum on that plant, but the basil and dill are fab.

Smiggle is selling these rhythmic gymnastic ribbons, which are hot right now. Because Tyler works under the same company, she got them discounted .. so I asked for two. I think they're amazing and spent most of the night trying to figure out how the gymnasts make it look so graceful. I even youtubed it, but I still seem to wind up with knots.

Lamb chops, pumpkin & kumara mash with cauli (my favorite).
Extremely close to the 600 cal max for the day since I had 2 chops, but very much so worth it. I tried to eat around the fat, which is what Isa wants you to do, but I'll be honest with you, some cuts tasted a little more delish than others.

I don't know if they do this in everywhere, but Larry always commented about it when I did it. Everyone does it in my family. You take a piece of everything on the plate and create a mouthful of everything in one bite.
He thought it was weird.
He didn't know what he was missing.


Melissa said...

That's the way I always eat. I feel sorry for those who don't.

El Dee said...

I combine a bit of everything in one bite! Glad to know there are others that do it too! ;-)