Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Sunday of 2015.

There's word at church a change is coming. If anyone in the powers-that-be read this, I've been in Primary for 6 years. That's 5 years too long.
Just saying.
Spent the arvo with horrible children. I started feeling sick yesterday and even if I came home and went to bed for the rest of the day after church, family tends to follow. Braved the afternoon for the sake of entertaining Hubba and her cousins.

Took off her training wheels today and burned them. She had no choice but to learn and learn she did. She's not quite a gun, but I'm sure after a week she will be just fine.

Jasiahs Christmas present from Papa Greg.

Nice and sweet ..

... so pretty ...

... then this.

Larell playing tag with her Mum. They got all serious about it and Larell cried because she had taken the tag from her Mum for tagging twice. Very dramatic.

A Bebi selfie.

Need sleep.

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