Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 7 on Isa and photos.

I had a cleanse day yesterday on this Isagenix thing and let me tell you this .. the day after the cleanse day is not pretty. I had to abandon religion and everything to cleanse. What I have learned during my initiatory week is to have an appreciation for food and I'm not just saying that because I've been hungry for a week. Prepping meals is the highlight of my day since Isa only allows you to have one meal, totally heinous I know, and I've come to appreciate produce. Think I'll bombard you Internets with food pictures.

Isa is Paleo with more restrictions. I'm tempted to low carb for my one meal a day instead of sticking with the calorie counting, but I'm scared my body is all Isa-fied and I'll have some bad reaction like when I had a chicken, lettuce and ranch pita at midnight and regretted it the next morning. Last night I had an orange. It was like when you finally find that something to shove in your ear and scratch that itch away. Peaking over an orange. For Real.

Hubba enjoyed herself on her overnight trip and I slept like a rock. Maybe I was exhausted from the cleansing the day before, but when I woke up this morning my bed was so perfect I'm sure someone ironed my covers during the night.

Changes in the ward today. Of course you hear about them before they happen because when your cousin is the Bishop and your brothers best friend is his counsellor, these things just happen. I was released from Primary ... and recalled to the same position. It's ok though because I didn't take that calling with a bag of F's this time cos I can work better with the rest of the crew. The last ones gave up and I felt I was running the circus alone.

Photos of Shai's room are for you Nina. The use to be Chronic Shack is now Shaily's Bach!

Tyler & Shaily will tell you how much I love this song. When it came on at the end of a movie tonight I almost leapt out of my seat to dance. Alas, it was too hot and I'm too lazy. This version is mucho fantastico.

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