Tuesday, January 13, 2015

8th - 13th.

She's mastered the two wheeler.

Received a reward from Papa for her achievements. Sadly, we left them in Nan's fridge where they became public property.

Smoked Kahawai for lunch on Saturday.

Picking up golf balls.

Prepping for an early morning surf.

Fiorenza is home for Christmas and bought goodies! Thanks Frenzics ;) We love you long time. Can't wait to taste the chocolate in 27 days.

This fish moved home over the weekend. If it weren't for the clutter in the room, I'd never know she moved back because she's hardly here. Between work and rehearsals for the US trip, we'll cross paths briefly. Briefly is good.

Day 2 on Isa = sad face. They said it gets easier. Still waiting for that one to come true.
While I appreciate it very much, my research has bought me to believe it's all water weight, starvation (via calorie counting) and infrequent fasting that brings the success.
What I'm trying to say is ... I'm hungry.
On the other hand .. my Mum is on it too and she's doing ok, but she doesn't have a Lindt chocolate in her freezer calling her name.

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