Friday, December 26, 2014

Tis time.

Chocolate is an easy gift idea for Christmas. It's either chocolate or shortbread cookies. I'm all chocolated out. I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow that 2015 will be different, consumptionally speaking, because to be frank; we're all out of sync. I'm 36 next year and I started feeling old when I was 34, physically. My shoulders ache all the time, my ankle does some random crap that almost has me falling over somedays, I have too many grey hairs to pick out anymore and I've eaten well this Christmas (or the last 15 Christmases).

Brother 3 took care of my scorched almonds today and there's a box of favourites in the fridge that will be the last. Not that I want to live forever, because I'd like to join Larry in the Spirit World sooner rather than later, but for Hubba's sake .. I'd like to see her graduate University before God takes me.

Have not yet convinced myself that a gym membership is necessary to live better. Yesterday my Uncle told me he was waiting for me to show up at his gym in town. If I wasn't trying to be an example to my Dad and his wife, I would have shown him the middle finger.

To better living everybody .. physically for now, because my swearing can't be helped.


Melissa said...

There's always small steps to make for a healthier life. Eating right is a great start, but for females weights is the key. You don't have to run, do bootcamp classes or that crossfit stuff, but lifting is good for the bones and will help with your body to feel younger. You can do it. I can write you out a programme. The problem is motivation though. If you don't wanna do it, then that's the first obstacle to overcome. 😉

Me said...

I'm trying to hit the gym sometimes too. Sine bad health runs in my family so I'm trying to keep ahead of it ;)

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