Monday, December 8, 2014

The Livians.

There's a reason I don't like shooting family portraits. I have proof with photos of mothers gritting their teeth and Dad's wiping sweat from their brow while posing for the memorable shot. It's different when the children are of your bloodline. Then you switch to Borg Queen mode and threaten that resistance is futile and they will comply, lest they be assimilated straight into the otherside of Christmas.
The Livians, plus my Livian-Shultz.

Nessa did not want photos and Hubba just wanted to swim.

Trying to round them up was exhausting.

Rome, one with the waves.

EJ-Marelise & Furness.

Shailahzay & Rome.

Las niƱas.

With Mummy Mitch. (Hello Boobs).

Man down!

Officially knows a mermaids environment.
Fell over, head first, into the water.


Me said...

is she going more my ej-marilese now?

she's going to love the mermaid book!

CamillaS said...

She'll out grow it eventually. When people ask what her name is she says 'EJ'. Hubba is acceptable from the nearest and dearest, anyone else and she looks at them funny.

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