Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Love those early morning bangs on my window to move my car so someone can get into the back. Love them.

While I was laying in bed swearing about it, I realized how hot it was and got to thinking about a portable swamp cooler we bought one year to dull the heat of the Mojave desert. Then I got up and searched my hard drive for a photo of it.
Found it.

Then I found this photo of a Voss bottle. I can't remember how my obsession with Voss bottles started, but this one was plastic and huge. I have four glass Voss bottles now. I require six for my fridge life to be complete (Livian).
Miss my Acton kitchen! If I told you the amount of stuff we just walked away from and left for pretty much anyone to take, you'd think we were crazy.
Somehow I went from swamp cooler to an SR-71A Blackbird.

The family are going to the beach today to camp for a few days. I do not camp. I refuse to camp. It is not my thing. It's like when we went to Tora a few years ago and I booked a bach instead of camped. Booking a bach is my kind of camping.
Tents .. no.
I'll never survive the Apocalypse.


Melissa said...

Tell me what's so great about a vos bottle?

CamillaS said...

Absolutely nothing to be honest! I just prefer glass bottles over plastic and I very much so did like the Voss ones.

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