Thursday, December 4, 2014

Photos & Apricots.

Attempted to take some photos for a Christmas card this morning. I got the down low on how a 4 year old really feels about photos. It wasn't pretty, as you can tell. The last 6 weeks has voided the threatening voice that once worked. Everything is a joke until there is order again.
No. I hate it when you take photos.


And again!
Are those apricots? I really like apricots.

.. but I hate photos. I like apricots.

Apricots then!
No. Finished now.

Try again another day.

Fixed my leaking toilet today. It's been that way for 2 years, possibly 5. The black rubber thingy needed replacing. After a surgery with scissors, tweezers and a paper clip, I went to put it all back in and forgot the order of everything. Consulted with the internet gods.
Why ask a man when you have google?
Thank you google for fixing my toilet.

Today was super boring .. SO boring, I fixed my toilet.
Went to Mitre 10 Mega and everything.


Melissa said...

She's beautiful. You need to be in the picture though.
I'd like to do a christmas card swap, but I want you in the picture, I know you hate it but I'd love it.
Just think about it. Give me your addy if you want me to send you Christmas card from us. Might be weird since we've never met but do blog mates count? One day we'll meet.

CamillaS said...

I promise me in the picture next year ;) Promise!

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