Sunday, December 7, 2014


Walked into church today and found my Dad, his wife, my half-brother Zedekiah and his girlfriend sitting in the back row. It was a nice surprise. They were supposed to come last week, but we all got the times wrong and it didn't happen. Technically, they're in our ward because they live within the zoned area. It was nice to see them and fast & testimony meeting didn't consists of the crazies in the ward today, so it was stimulating.

My Mum is also in the ward and my ... feelings? were with her today. I know the kind of awkward that comes from being the first or second wife, so I sat there a little uncomfortable because I knew my Mum was in the building, but she hadn't seen who was sitting in the back row yet.

She handled it like a boss. When I asked her if she was OK she shrugged it off and said it didn't bother her. She told me they had every right to be there as much as she did and mentioned something about forgiveness right before we all began to sing the opening hymn - I am a Child of God, for the record.

After church I went to visit her. She told me she bumped into my Dad in the hallway outside the bishops office and they embraced. After 26 years of not talking to my Dad, she told him that he was in the right place and that he knew what he had to do now to get his life in order. My Dad agreed.

After years of woe in a marriage that was better off dissolved, my Mum really is forgiving.

I hope she keeps that in mind when she realises I nicked her broccoli, capsicums and avocados this evening after she went to work.

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Melissa said...

What a great woman.

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