Thursday, December 4, 2014

Making it rain celestial style.

A family member, during Jazminn's tangi week, kept proclaiming his affiliation with Rastafarianism. A few times during the week he took a blatant stab at Mormonism and tithe paying. An Aunty also raved about the church having beautiful temples and how they don't aid those in need because people are still starving in the world.

First the tithing. He said he didn't quite understand it. I told him it was only 10%. He said he was pretty sure it's 50%, but I corrected him. He defended himself and said someone told him who told them who heard from his billy-goats lover than it was 50%. So I asked him to look up the definition of 'tithe' in the bible on his fancy phone. Later he said that his tithes go to his bills and rightly so, that is his choice as a worshiper of Jah, but by choice I pay my tithes because it's a commandment. That's the first reason I pay a full tithe.

When my Aunty asked what pays for all the beautiful temples I told her tithes of all the members who freely pay it. Her next question was why the church didn't help those in need. They do. The church helped Larry when his residency was pending and he didn't qualify for medical treatment and that's the second reason I pay a full tithe. At this rate, I'll pay it off in a million years, but I do it because the church came to our aid in a time of need.

I have never gone without.
My cupboards have never been empty despite my bank account reflecting exactly that.
I  pay my tithes before bills each week because it keeps me sound.
I have to shrug about it because it just makes sense to me.

Being x-amount less each week because of tithes, even during this season, is savory.


Melissa said...

It's also up to us to help the poor as well and not just throw our money to the church and say we've done our part.
Tithing is a great lesson to be learned. Next to none of my friends give as much $$ to anything as much as LDS peeps do.

Unknown said...

Mella - thanks for reminding me about tithing - made me realise i need to adjust what should be paid first always.. thank you for that counsel :-)

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