Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Law & Order.

It's supposed to rain till March. If that is so, we'll all be under water by Waitangi day.

I was roped into attending an extended family dinner tonight. I pissed and moaned about going all day to my Mum because I always get volunteered into doing stuff. eg. Bridge Pa School production. Right up until 30 minutes before we left I was still contemplating attending.

I went and I'm glad I did.

Very rarely do you get to see just how extensive your family is and it's a nice sight, but something in particular sparked my interest tonight when an Aunty stood up and basically said that there weren't enough men in the family who knew the Maori lingo so she was toying with the idea to have women whaikorero. Typically, this is done by men, but because more women in the family are fluent, it's open for discussion to allow it on our marae.

Love that idea. If anything came from tonight, other than a fantastic juicy medium rare beef, it was budding transmogrification on the marae.

I know it's blasphemy to talk about it, but I always think when I'm sitting in my ward on a bland Sunday ... if only a woman manned this ship.

Law is from God.
Order is from women.

2015 may be the year to learn Te Reo.
Tena Koe.


Melissa said...

I hope it all works out.

Me said...

That's awesome! I know you didn't want monster to participate in some aspects of the culture because of gender inequality, but imaging how cool it would be for her to see changes like this!! Power to ladies, around the world :D

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