Saturday, December 20, 2014

Harriett & Sam.

Harriett is my first cousin. She thought she could look outside the box and find someone no one in the family knew, and someone we weren't related to, within New Zealand. Sam worked with sisters husband Joel in Auckland. Fail. After two years, they finally tied the knot today in a ceremony that I missed because I really didn't want to go. I've been assured it was short and sweet and after all the broken bridges they've had to cross along the way, it's finally happened for them.

Congrats to the newly weds!

My favorite shot of the day.

There was also a gala at the other marae this evening. We got there late and let's face it, it looked pretty stink compared to previous community events of the like.
Here's My Boo being a Maori.


Melissa said...

Hahahaha nice.
How beautiful is your boo?

Me said...

She looks beautiful. Since the dinner you mentioned have you been letting her get involved more?

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