Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy December - according to the S5.

It's December. Looking forward to Christmas, but eager for the new year to roll over because it's going to be another month with a lax routine and lots to do.

I forgot to mention that church on Sunday was quite fantastic. The first speaker set such a standard that it was impossible to out-do her, and she was a youth speaker. She was simply amazing and everything she said hit a note. A combination of good parenting, a good grasp of the Gospel and simple honesty made the 22 minutes she spoke near amazing. I commended her and her parents after sacrament  because it was that moving. As the oldest YW in the ward, she's a perfect example. Still contemplating an octopus analogy another speaker gave at church.

Renewed my temple recommend too. Lucky the Stake was there and I was able to do it all by pushing my way into the office. Determination mate. Jazminn's work needs to be done.

Stayed at The Bachelor Pad with Tyler on Sunday night. It was supposed to be for 2 nights, but I just couldn't do it. I missed my house and the comfort of it. The only other homes where I find the same comfort, or close to it, are my sisters, Livians and the Parentals abodes. I kid myself every time I have to go somewhere that isn't either of the above. Unfortunately, Hubba has the same issue and was fine until we were lying in bed and she asked if we could go home to her own bed. Almost drove back at midnight.

Hot date with Tyler a few nights ago.
Just us, two virgin pina coladas and a pack of Chit Chats.

Summer began yesterday. The season is not my favorite.
Go quickly December. I have plans for next year that I'd like to start already.

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