Monday, December 29, 2014


Not just kids, adults too, are pretty addicted to their gadgets these days. Majority, now, have gadgets, but what's a gross abuse of them is when you're in a room with people glued to one. You go unnoticed. No one says hello or goodbye to you because there's something more important onscreen. I was half way through a conversation the other day and someones phone beeped and their reaction to check was quicker than instant.

There is no reality anymore because people choose the alternative and unfortunately, you need a gadget to access that life. It's bad enough people over share on Facebook, but when their stories overtake you to a point you ignore family members, then there's a problem.

Facebook is a cesspool of woe and deceit.
Instagram has people grasping at a life that isn't theirs.

When the sob stories of others become your sob stories, there is something wrong with you. When an alert becomes more important than time, there is something wrong with you. When you don't notice someone has left because you didn't know they were there in the first place because your phone was charging and you were watching it like a hawk to flick back on, there is something wrong with you.

My WiFi is not the family hot spot anymore.
I vow not to bring my phone with me if I'm coming to visit you.
Do the same or the visits will stop.

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