Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Shopping.

It's a crazy time of the year, but it has to be done. There are only 3 department stores here and one of them is the equivalent to USA's Nordstroms (Farmers) and is too expensive to even look at. KMart and The Warehouse are the other two. I have two things for Hubba I'd like to get, which will aid her in her schooling. Apart from puzzles boggling her, she likes crafty things and cutting and pasting things together so I keep that in mind because those are the things that matter long term. Short term presents are nice, but they're just that .. short term. Things that will keep her thinking for the next year are long term keepers.

We'll put this together next week sometime. She's excited about it.

Our candy cane wreath.
$1.50 pack of candy canes from KMart, hot glue, cellotape and a card.


Me said...

You just reminded me I had a crafty thing for her to make that I forgot to send!!!!! Noooooo!!

Melissa said...

Looks awesome.

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