Sunday, December 21, 2014

Came a hot Sunday.

Few more shots from yesterday.

Hubba & Uncle Sam.

I like these shoes for when I get married.

The Christmas program for the ward today was average. There is such a thing as too many musical items and only one of the songs was an actual Christmas carol. Texting an 'important' during sacrament meeting, we both agreed that since an Easter song was sung today, we'll probably have a Christmas song sung at Easter. Makes sense no?
I was late for church. Last night I planned to only go to 3rd hour, but the heat woke everyone up. I sat at the back and joined the circus that was all the children running around, Hubba included. It can't be helped because you can't light a candle in another soul if it's not burning in yours if the parents aren't teaching reverence during sacrament meeting at home. I do. She knows she can't move during sacrament meeting lest I smite her with the back of a hymn book.
31°C today. It was no joke and since we don't swim on the sabbath, it was too hot not to break it.
Technically? Not swimming, but sitting under a hose set to mist.

Ice bucket challenges? Still not swimming.

Spraying unawares? Still not swimming.

Giving your cousin a bucket drink from afar? Not swimming.

Jumping for joy, because it's the sabbath, over a sprinkler? No nadar.

We don't swim on Sundays Hubba.
Then what the heck are we doing?

Still not swimming.

Accidentally pouring a bucket of water on yourself? No no no. Not swimming.

Sitting in the gala drink drum? Not swimming.

Ngawi is standing, not swimming.

Wading. Not swimming.

We observed the pacific time zone today. It was Saturday in America.

Quick trip to Auckland tomorrow for Christmas dinner with sister, pick up The Livian and home again Tuesday.


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west coast is the best coast ;) or the wet coast!

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