Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8 days.

I think I'm done Christmas shopping. As much as I'd like to worry about everyone this year, I really can't until I win the lotto and if that's never, then so be it. I'd like to go into a whole paragraph about solo parenting and the festive season, but that's not fair because I have a very big family who care and I can't feel sorry for myself because of them. This is communal living at another level. Looking out for each other. I know I can go to my Mums house for a meal at anytime. Mitchy knows she can find school lunches here when her kids each all theirs for snacks. Tyler knows my door is always open. Brother 3 knows I'll have lunch on Sundays even though he knows I only shop for two.
It's all because of love.
Hubba's advent calendar. 

Is it a spaceship?

Christmas is every day because I live close to the people that matter.
Wedding on Saturday as well as a gala that I can't commit to.
Sharing time Christmas circus on Sunday and to Auckland on Monday to retrieve The Livian. (Thanks Mum for having the kids).
Disco on Tuesday.
Christmas Eve party on Wednesday.
Christmas on Thursday.
Sister comes on Friday.
Sleep on Saturday.

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Melissa said...

Great, great post and so true. I wish it was that way for me. I miss my family.

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