Friday, November 28, 2014


Tyler's cast came off. She's supposed to be rocking a moon-boot, but she doesn't listen.

Villa 1, the fracture clinic.

Moody Spice swallowed a mint whole and vomited all over herself in the waiting room area.

Nosey Smurf looking into the space next to us. Privacy curtains ain't 'gon stop no one.

Our Roley Poly carrots are ready!

Mitchy's Christmas present from The Livian. I thought the two presents she got in Thailand were her Christmas presents ... must be Livians christmas presents.


Me said...

in the pic where she vomited, i love her outfit.

the carrots are great :) when i was in scotland, we had these mutant carrots that looked like hands or octopi or something. glad shes eating her veggies :)

Melissa said...

Lol. Is she gonna make you delete that?

CamillaS said...

No lol it's all public knowledge now right Mitchy!

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