Sunday, November 23, 2014


The funeral was short and sweet. A nice send off for Jazzy. The whole week has been out of order and the funeral was to match. Nothing went to program, but it all worked out fine. Very proud of my brothers for their efforts and Priesthood.

Jazz's coffin was wrapped in traditional siapo. It's a decorative art form that is used in several ceremonial occasions. It's typical in the Polynesian cultures and is used to wrap sacred things in.

Parents. Nikki & Dad.

My Papa Allen dedicated her grave.

The kids.

My Dad's parents. Nan Anne, Nan Penny (Step-Mother) and Pops Allen.

The lads.

Brother 3, Tyler & Sister.


Brother 2, Brother 3 and Brother 1.

Trying to set up a photo with all the kids was disastrous.

Shaily and her Dad.

With Emma and Darlene. My Reid cousins have been amazeballs this past week. Actually no, only Emma and her 4 kids :) There's me in the back. That's all you're getting sorry.
I HATE having to be in photos.

Brothers with my Dad's youngest brother Roma. He is the same age as Brother 2.

My Lush photo bombs.

Brothers with our Grandfather.
This weekend I've learned that my Great-Grandfather on my Samoan side comes from a Scottish line. My great-grandmother hails from an Irish line, Bourne. Somewhere in the mix you add in a China man and a Samoan. Mix that with Maori and European blood and you get me and my siblings.
A cocktail.

Back to the farm to spend the last evening with all the family. Bless the house. Brothers blessed Dad & Nick and learned some family history from an Aunty.

Also had fun watching these winners get drunk.

After all of that ... please put me in the hole the same day. All that other crap is not worth the sore feet and lack of sleep.
Brother 3s birthday was also yesterday.

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Melissa said...

AmaZing pictures. It sounds like it all worked out in the end. Glad you could be with family at a tough time.

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