Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On blogging.

I've always kept journals, so when blogging became a fad I was all over that. It started with Live Journal on a private or friends only basis. I dared myself to go public in the early 2000s and it stuck.

I love it. Just when you think you're the most dull person in the world and no one wants to hear about what you had for dinner, you meet an acquaintance at the super market who looks in your trolley and asks, "You having lasagna tonight? Your mussels last night looked GREAT".

Some family members get depressed if I don't update daily, my sister especially, and if it's 2 days in a row with no blog, I start receiving crazy texts from them.

The best came on Saturday from a stranger I only recognize as being in the other Stake here. "Bet you'll be glad when Mitchy gets back from Thailand tomorrow!". Serious, didn't know her.

I think more people should do it. At the end of the day, it's nice to sit down and remember everything that happened in it because you can look back at it a year later and see that you weren't that boring at all. I've said it before, you are less boring than you think.

It's an anamnesis of you.
A compilation of remembrance for when you aren't here anymore.

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