Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Off the hezzy.

Found out today just how much power my phone battery has. I was placed in the middle of funeral planning and I tell you what ... it's harder planning a funeral for your younger sister, who had a whole life ahead of her, than it was to plan one for your sick husband.

Told myself not to cry, but I've been borderline while I write up her funeral program for Saturday. Looking at old photos of her at the ages where I liked her the best (18 months), and the times that I missed because I moved on with my life.

My Dad asked today if I wanted to help dress her. I couldn't keep it together for Aunty Marva and just couldn't for Larry. I offered my temple dress for Jazz to wear and this bought my Dad to tears. I'm going to do her temple work and I told him that today. She deserves it as much as any of us.

I miss her. We get her back tomorrow from the Coroner. She will spend a night at the farm with Dad & Nicki (her Mum) and come here to the marae on Thursday. I talked my Dad into an LDS service at our chapel and she'll be buried at the back of our chapel in the Urupa.

My older brothers are in the works to come home. I haven't seen one of them for over 5 years. Livian just left for his last stint pre-Christmas on Wednesday.

... she really did get a heavy dose of the Chinese blood in us.

Love you long time Jazzy.

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Melissa said...

Beautiful picture of her. I'm glad you can help out so much.

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