Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November: Almost over.

Things haven't been in routine since the Bangkok trip back in October. Each week after, something has happened that has put everything out of whack. Even after last week, this week is out sync because Tyler is here.

Lack of routine makes a naughty child.

She has been warned today that none of the shenanigans from the last 6 weeks are going to fly anymore. She didn't take me seriously, so I got serious. Once her new favourite Uncle Reid leaves on Friday, everything should be in place for the true order of things here at 35.

I should give up for the festive season. With Christmas and school holidays quickly approaching, I'm kidding myself if I think any normalcy is going to be found this side of the new year.

It was so hot today I could have kicked someone square in the teeth.

My car has smelled like fish since Saturday. I tried all I could, but the smell got worse. Accused Tyler of creating the smell and forced Coral into my boot/trunk to sniff it out. It came from some bowls someone hadn't washed properly. Raw fish juice marinated two of three bowls in the pack and it was d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g.

#3. Aunty BJ.

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Melissa said...

hahahaha fish is the worst. I always try to maintain some kind of order but I usually get beaten. At least I try.

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