Friday, November 7, 2014

Home School: Corn Fritters.

Her school resources this month included a kid-friendly cook book. The months work focuses on the 5 senses and cooking has been her favorite subject yet. The words we learned today.





Tip and fold.

Sprinkle or pinch.

Scoop, fill, cook and flip.

Picked basil from our garden for a tomato & basil salad.

Did not like the dipping sauces (vietnamese sweet chili and honey mustard).

Prefered salt and lemon with her fritters.

She played with worms the other day in the garden and couldn't tell it's butt from it's head. Did you know that if you put a worm up to your ear, you can hear it move?
True story.

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Melissa said...

Man I forgot about corn fritters. They look good. Thanks.

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