Sunday, November 16, 2014

Home again.

I have a headache after a 6 hour drive all the way home. I'd been telling my nieces to beat up their brother the entire trip. I kept telling them that they're both too scared to beat him up and so he keeps being a smart ass. That streak ended today when I watched Shaily jump over the back seat, through the rear view mirror, and pound on Brother 1's only son. Their Dad would have stopped the car so quick to protect his son then tell us all it was our fault and not the boys.
I pulled over to the side of the road and flicked on the hazards to watch the phenomenon.

Recognizing the round about that leads us home after being on the Napier expressway, we hear from the back seat.
"My house lives here!".

Glad to be home now. I love home.
Missed church today where Ev was called as the new Bishop of our ward. I must remember not to swear around him, if he remembers to do the same ;) Great news for the family. I wish we all could have been there to support, but I was dodging Primary Presentation that got postponed last minute for Stake Business.

... and here's Bebi watching the Kiwi's haka last night.

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Melissa said...

Two of my brothers and their wives were at the game. They said it was awesome to be there and posted pic's of staying around afterwards and getting to touch/meet some of them. They did another haka for the fans afterwards that was great too. They said it was a close game and the last 5 mins was just a little bit of an anxiety attack in hopes for NZ to win. I wish I was there.

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