Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guy Fawkes.

Celebrations across the road at The Smiths house tonight. I wasn't planning on going because I'd heard it was for the Youth and Faith in God kids.
Half the ward was there. If Hubba wasn't standing at the door looking like a jailed child about to go to bed, I would not have gone, but I felt sorry for her so we dressed up all warm and headed over the street.

Dear Shaily,
A shade darker would help.

2 of the bishops.

Enjoy the hideous random shots of members of the ward.

We're celebrating again tomorrow night when The Livian is home. Papa Greg dropped off Hubba's crackers earlier, we're going to save those ones for Christmas time with Rellyphant is here.


Melissa said...

Fun man. I'm glad you went.

Me said...

remember remember the 5th of november.

guy fawkes had a plot to overthrow parliament, and thats kind of how i feel about this american election. we elected a bunch of guy fawkes. they have literally said all they want to do is 1) overthrow the president, and 2) bring about the end of the world so the rapture can happen.

americans are insane, and i just want to go have fireworks in another country.

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