Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday PM in Auckland.

Night Markets at Hunters is always well worth the trip up here, even when you have 8 kids to deal with the whole thing is worth the Chinese dumplings. I managed to palm off my horrible for the lovesick teenager. She's easy to please and likes dumplings too. Someone had a bright idea to let the kids sleep in the lounge tonight. This limits what the adults can do after hours. Party must be in my room tonight. I'm reserving my seat near the upside down butterfly sticker in Larell's room.

Must be an early night in for a long trip home tomorrow. There's a zopiclone calling my name in the cupboard above the fridge .. not before the left over okonomiyaki in the microwave.

Sometimes I wish I drank what's in my sisters fridge. It would make this night go faster.
All I wanted to do was watch Homai te Pakipaki in peace and eat dumplings.

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