Friday, November 21, 2014


Well shishi.
Someone needs a lesson on how to be a Maori.
Dropped lots of f-bombs today and appreciate two things. The facilities of a marae and the option to take the dead home. Do not appreciate lateness and miscommunication or no communication. That shiz just doesn't fly with me, but it's come together nicely thanks to SOS phone-calls and a decision to step on peoples feet despite offense.

My Mum is my hero and my cousin Emma is a close runner up. Vanessa (sis in laws sister) is up there too.

So glad that bloody school production is over though.
That was like vinegar in a lobster bisque.

Poor Tyler fractured her ankle today at my Mums and no one cared. She tends to break alot of things because she's straight up clumsy so when no one took her seriously, she lay on the floor at my Mums and cried. This makes me sad just thinking about it. Today was busy and I didn't have time to think about it, because it was so blasé to everyone else, that I treated it as such.
Until I saw her and all I saw was little baby Tyler who needed her dummy.

After a trip to the hospital. That's my Dad btw, finding humor in her situation.

Things that happened today that stood out:
1. Saw my paternal Grandfather after 22 years (introduced myself as Beyonce).
2. Saw my Aunty after 22 years and met all her kids.
3. Said an opening prayer in front of more than ten people. (small steps)

Brother 2 arrives in the morning. I have not seen him for 5 years. He's the one that won't be able to keep in together. He's a hard nut on the outside, but a softy in the middle. All five of us have not been together since 2000.

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Melissa said...

LOL Well Beyonce it seems like, in the end, things worked out. I'm glad you're getting to see family. It's the same with our family. We haven't all been together since 2012 but that wasn't including inlaws, just us siblings. I miss it.

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