Sunday, October 19, 2014


Aquarium, Nessa's birthday, The All Blacks game, sleep overs, talking till 4am catching up with Ngaio.
Dinosaur discovery.

She was very scared of fake Brucey.

Marelise. The should-have-been Marelise.

BBQ the kiwi way.

Ashton got baptized.

No more birthday parties for the rest of the year! I am SO glad. It should be a rule that once you get to an age where you can 100% be an a-hole, you shouldn't get birthdays anymore. If we had this tradition in place, Ness would not have had a birthday since she was about 8.

Looking a lil bit like Nanny Lesley.

Blue box Red cake.

The All Blacks game was fantastic with a score of 28-29 to black. That score alone tells you just how fantastic is was. I don't know where Australia got their mojo from since the 2nd test, but it was much appreciated. They played the better game, but Fekitoa was fizzing enough to make that try at the 79th minute sided with Colin Slade's conversion. I don't have much faith in Slade, but he was on the money lastnight.

You can be 35 and still have sleep overs with your cousin, who wants to sleep in the same bed as you because she is scared and hasn't slept at your house since she was ... 14? I drew the line at sharing the bed with her and her 7 year old. She was lucky I let her stay at all. Laughed till 4am with her and Ngaio. What happens at Rome 35 stays at Rome 35 .. unless you're Sister or Mitchy, then I'll just tell you guys later.

Late for church again.

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