Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Today.

Today was supposed to go like this.
Wake up. School. Go hang with my Mum for the rest of the day.
Instead it went like this.
Wake up. Funeral. Burial. Car yard. Haakari. McDonalds. Cornwall Park. Winsor Park. Te Mata Peak. Lamb tails.

If I'm going to attend a funeral, there's a qualification process. If there's an inkling that it's going to be weird, I opt out. Events during the week indicated to as much and I just didn't want to go, but I did. Borderline bizarre.
Watched the burial from afar and left.

Got stuck with my cousin Emma and Tyler for the rest of the afternoon. We went to pick up Emma's new car and had our haakari at McDonalds followed by a trip to 2 parks.

Somehow wound up at the Te Mata Peak entrance eating strawberry pecan nougat.

These photos are from Tuesday.

Headed to Ma's, where the flowers are all blooming ..

... where the two stooges cooked lambtails.

Chief Captain Horrible was there on his electrical chariot.

And we ate lamb tails and took advantage of some much needed family time.

Next week Mitchy neglects us all and goes to Thailand for (probably) a well deserved R&R. I do not secretly hope she gets chronic diarrhea for the the first week. It's no secret, just a hope.
I'll be camp mother for 15 days.

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Melissa said...

Man that was way different than planned. I've never had lambs tails. One day maybe.

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