Monday, October 6, 2014


Giving your kids the opportunity to experience something out of their ordinary is educational. I've never been to a non-LDS tangi at a marae before.

The reason we went to tonight's service was to support Papa Greg. The Kahuranaki marae transcends our two marae here. At over 100 years old, it totally outshines our two. There is history in it and when the funeral is said and done, I'm going to ask Papa Greg to get me back in there for some photos because it's a marae that should be commemorated.

Imagine one big room where, if you had the chairs, could easily fit 100 seated peoples in it. Now imagine no chairs and mattresses lining the edges of the room for people to sit on. We refer to this as marae styles. Marae styles does not appeal. I have issues when someone wants to sleep on my couch in marae-style fashion. We sat on the floor of the marae tonight and it was my only complaint.

The poroporoaki is tomorrow night and I do not want to go. They can go on for hours. My Mum offered me $1000 to go with her. I know how much money she has in her bank account so I know she's full of crap.

Worst part of today?
My internet maxed out for the month, which means no blog photos till my month rolls over because I'm currently rocking dial-up speed. Where 80GBs went over the last 28 days, I do not know. For $15 more, I upped it to uncapped (unlimited). Man, we had all-you-can-eat internets in the USA for $25 per month back in 2004.

NZ is behind the times.

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