Thursday, October 2, 2014


Sick again.
I really should wear warmer clothes and stay home when I think I'm missing out on stuff.
By the way, best cartoon theme song ever.

When I was 10 I stole an Olivia Newton John Greatest Hits tape from Aunty Vi. Up until I was 18 I listened to A little more love every night. That was back when there was no such thing as mp3 players and I had to rewind the tape ten or twenty times. They really need to re-make the song with a little more bass to make it worth while to put on my iPod and sound good on my dock.

When I was 14 I stole my brothers Special Generation tape from his locked trunk in his room. Funny what a needle and screw driver can do to open a trunk. Another Place, at 14, became the song I was going to walk down the aisle to at my celebrity wedding.

Instead it was Follow me by Uncle Kracker as we drove down the 405 to a notary office in Torrance, CA. Romantic.

Pholcodiene cough syrup is delicious.

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