Wednesday, October 29, 2014


15 days was actually 17 days.
Brother 1 called this morning.
17 days has become 12 days.
Nobody better be tricking me, it's been the longest 7 days of my life.

The repercussion of having a MDO last Sunday has caught up on me. The All Blacks play USA this Sunday at 9am. This Sunday was a better day to take one.
I'm trying to work this out ...
40 minutes per half.
10 minute half time.
9am kick off.
90 minutes total.
Boom. I'll make it for 3rd hour.

That confession is between God and I.


Melissa said...

What happened? Why are they coming home?
Man Dru and I are way pumped to be there for the game. I hope it's awesome.

Nina said...

7 might have turned into 5 😉

CamillaS said...

I'm jealous Melissa. Have a great time.

Nina: YES!!

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