Sunday, October 12, 2014

End of week 41.

Ugli fruit from the Grandparentals tree.

Loving these candles right now. I only bought them to make salt & pepper shakers out of the mason jars (these are teeny tiny bottles), but the candles are delish too.

Thanks for giving her a recorder Mum. I really appreciate it, especially during the early hours of the morning when she's trying to whistle out the tune to Tree Fu Tom.

How she wanted to watch General Conference.

How she had to watch General Conference.

We ended up at the chapel helping my Mum feed the few members that came to watch. Everyone watches it now at home because it's readily available if you don't wake up and catch the live online broadcast. I have yet to watch the Saturday afternoon session and the Sunday sessions. It's on the list of to-dos this week. Term 4 of school begins tomorrow so everything will be back to normal. eg. No kids floating around, Mum back at work ... Peace on Earth in other words.

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