Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back in business.

I forgot how much dial-up blew. My month rolled over sometime in the last 10 minutes. I was reading the NZ Herald on the iPod and everything began moving quickly and I knew it was blog time. I spent the last few days with brother 3, who's wife and kids have gone down the line for the 2nd week of school holidays, and my Mum, who is on her off week. Papa Greg has been with his family and rightly so.

Uncle Jeston bought us a raised garden container. I wanted it for her toys, but where he placed it outside gave my Mum ideas and she wanted to use it as a garden. She talked Hubba into growing some plants so off we went to Mitre 10 to buy compost and garden stuff.

Her climbing that high actually freaked me out, but she didn't want help.

The Black Lily has bloomed.

Two doves have been hanging around Ma's yard lately.

School time. No chance in a holiday for her this week. Onto the next set of 5 sight words. She still has issues with the words a and and from the first set, but we'll get there.

The puzzle. It puzzles me that she can't figure out putting it together by how the photo looks but more, how the shapes fit in with each other.

We planted:
  • Roly poly carrots
  • Pak choy
  • Spring Onions
  • Cos/Romaine Lettuce

Added our table herbs to the box and tomorrow we'll plant 2 apple cucumbers and 1 capsicum/pepper. I'm not overly excited about gardens in general, but I hope for Hubba sake this one kicks off and isn't ruined.

Score of the day.
Martha's Backyard, a US store in Auckland, emailed me during the weekend to say they'd finally imported an item from my wish list, a wish list I made a year ago. Not the right bottle of Jergens - I was after the one with the micro beads in - but it'll do donkey, it'll do.

Sister is off to Fiji tomorrow with her husband for a tropical getaway. She's afraid of flying a little worse than I am. From the texts she's been sending me the last few days, I consider myself lucky that she can't make free calls to me from the Island.
I imagine the trip being a little like this ......

... but with coconut trees and beaches.
Aloha Oe in Fijian mofos!

So glad to have my NewstalkZB friends back tonight.


Melissa said...

Good luck with the garden.
Glad they imported stuff for you.
It's funny what we get used to then miss it when we can't have it.

Me said...

Jergens doesn't make the microbeads anymore I think, because they were banned in so many countries. The microbeads get in the ocean and even in the groundwater, and it seriously damages the ocean :( and our bodies. Crest (toothpaste) just got sued or something over microbeads because they were getting in peoples blood through the gums :(

CamillaS said...

It still claims to exfoliate, but ya .. no beads and that's ok! I remember the toothpaste with microbeads in it. Ew.

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