Thursday, October 30, 2014

9 of 12.

Late start to the day today. Everyone went to bed at the same time, but they were all struggling to get up this morning. I appreciated the silence at 6am and not the usual dulcet tones of arguing. Just when I thought I had got rid of them for the day, I was reminded that I had school photos this morning at their school. This usually takes an hour, but I got out of there 15 minutes shy of 3pm. I feel a little ripped off.

Halloween tomorrow. I'll be doing what I was doing last year. Driving around avoiding everyone. The YW last night dropped off cards they made for everyone here to tie to their mailboxes if they're in the Halloween spirit. I'm tying mine to my Grandmothers mail box. She's always prepped. Took 4 of 5 to town to get Halloween stuff. Worst idea ever. I always run away from Mitchy when we go to town with her tribe in tow. Needless to say, dropped some imperative F-Bombs in the KMart.

When they saw their Nan sitting on the playground, it was a race for the first hug and even with one leg up on Ngawi, Hubba lost.

PA Juniors. Rome, Ngawi & Aunty Tashi.

Seniors. Waimea, Jeston & Robyn.

Hubba liked the social aspect of school and tried to line up for the school shot .. I'll reconsider public school, just not this school.

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