Tuesday, October 28, 2014

7 of 15 - Morning Report.

Shaily knows not to push boundaries, lest she lose her WiFi. Her weakness is needing WiFi for a social life.

Ness got a punch in the face from Jeston yesterday for calling him names. This is justice. She did not retaliate as usual because that punch was an eye opener and she knows his strength will overpower hers in the near future.

Jeston smiles when he knows he's in big trouble. It's a smile that will make you forgive him immediately. He's also afraid of the hallway at night and will scream like a girl if you scare him as he walks it. (I must record it).

Rome says 'nah' alot. For every 'nah' she says she get's her ears yanked. Seven times before breakfast this morning and easily a hundred before she was picked up for school. She's rocking red ears with her blue school uniform today.

Hubba wants to know when Mum Mitchy is coming back to take her kids home to their own place. In monotone this morning, she told Rome to 'shut the door' instead of a chirpy 'goodbye' as Rome left for school.

Needless to say, I miss their Mother for all the reasons that aren't the actual act of missing someone.

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