Tuesday, October 28, 2014

7 of 15 - Finale.

School resources came in over the holiday weekend, so we got back into it after a 3+ week break. Puzzles continue to boggle her.

She's a whiz at writing letters. She can identify around 20% of them.

Back yarding.
Remember the hoop Papa Greg put up a few months ago? Today Rome's friend Raiha swung from it and when she fell, the hoop fell with her, infact, she was still holding it as she lay on her back on the ground. Not sure who she was kidding when she decided to swing from it in the first place.

Drama & drama visited.

.. and these guys fell asleep watching TV at 7.30pm.

Four lunches for four naughties.

8.30pm - Bedtime for them, down time for Camp Mother.
Scandal and Revenge calls.

Heard the best news today. Just when I was beginning to think NZ  really was a little backward, I see an advert for a new Sci-Fi channel while watching a "How to hold a golf club properly" youtube vid. I've only been waiting for 5 years.

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