Friday, October 24, 2014

3 of 15.

Woke up. Cleaned the kids rooms because I know they won't and it's not worth my breath to remind them to. Now I know why their mother does it and I scorn her for it every time she does. It's ok .. I had this information in my head before they came and 'cleaning their room' is basically making the one-blanket-bed and opening the blinds.

I have laundry baskets in each room. This is a common practise in my house. Two in the bathroom that has towels in it and the other for whites. They have not caught on with the system yet. Your room, your laundry basket. So when I find clothes in with the towels, I yell give them a gentle reminder.

I was moody before noon because my brother and his kids showed up and they all stayed for two hours. I just wanted to leave and go somewhere while the sun was still shining. An hour into his stay, the wind and rain came. And so it was, the weather confined us to the house. There was fighting and arguing and laziness.





These two kept busy all afternoon.

It's 10pm and they've just gone to bed. I am glad.
2 of 5 have gone to spend the night with their Aunty and cousin, who are in town for the long weekend. I miss the boy. He's pretty funny. I wanted to send Rome with them, but they said, "Oh, no it's ok". I was as offended as her mother gets when I say "No thanks" to the same request.
Sisters Diwali photo. Sharing because it's neat-o.

Nina arrives in Thailand tonight. She and Mitchy will be starring in a ping pong show together.

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Melissa said...

Love those play by play pics hahahaha

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