Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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6.30am wake up for an airport drop off.
There were no tears until we left. Sister told me Mitchy cried when we left. Mitchy told her. It's the circle of gossip life, you can't get away from information when it comes to sisters. Last text received from Mitchy was when she boarded her flight to Bangkok. Before I sent the kids to bed, I showed them a real time tracker of her flight. She's currently hovering over the top of Australia and has just under 5 hours left in flight.

What I've learned today after 12 hours as Camp Mother.
1. I'm glad I don't have 5 kids.
2. When you tell a child "I'll give you 5 minutes and that's it", you really do forget to keep track.
3. Laundry magically appears out of no where.
4. Washing 2 kids at once is self torture.
5. Rome's long hair needs to be cut. Took me 45 minutes to brush that mop. I've threatened her with death if she undoes her braid tomorrow at school.
6. Hubba is territorial. She keeps asking when they're going home.
7. Fighting over the TV remote has the potential to start a world war.
8. The Internet is another form of babysitting.
9. I sympathise with my sister, who has a habit of sitting in her closet and crying because of children.
10. F words bring smiles, not fear.
11. Chocolate is a childs valium.
12. I miss their mother more than they do because of the above.
I am SO glad it's my Mums day off tomorrow and SO glad it's a holiday weekend because we're all going to live at her house for the 4-day weekend.

Primary Presentation practise tonight at the chapel at the same time the youth had their combined activity. Holi. Looked funtastic.

Bishops son Soul.

Bishops daughter Sequoia on the left.

Sequoiks and Shaily.

Bishops daughter Shalloe.

Nessy Nu, fresh to young women's!


Bishops baby Seazer.

Bishops son Scout in blue on the right.

Two of Bishops kids are missing. Suede, who is on his mission, and Storey, who was distressing Rome.

Children in bed.
All is well.


Melissa said...

Lots of kids is tough. Hang in there.
What on earth were the youth doing?

CamillaS said...

The Festival of Colors is celebrated in India celebrating Spring. They use a bunch of different powders and throw them at eachother. Our youth liked the idea and colored up the church parking lot.

Nina said...

Looking forward to 2 of 15

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