Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sisters visit.

Sister called earlier in the week to tell me she had scored some Grab-A-Seat tickets from AirNZ for $40 so she was making the trip on Thursday (today) and leaving tomorrow. I cleaned my house and everything for this visit. We went to Napier super early. All the way there Hubba was excited that she was going to see Jasiah and Bebby.
Can we go to the airport now? We might miss their plane!

I think they landed. I can hear the plane! (it was the waves crashing).

There's their plane, but why are they leaving? I told you we'd miss them now they're going home!

There's the plane! I can see Jasiahs plane.

I can't wait to see Jasiah and Bebin!!!

Here they come! Here they come!

That's Jasiahs plane. He's on it, but he's not driving it because he's only 4, but he's 5 soon.

They're gonna get off soon. Here they come! Jasiahs getting off first and then Aunty Ness and Bebin.

We wait. I expected to see my little sister getting off the plane.
But my big sister Brother 1 got off instead.
The Livian 50% pulled one over on us in this surprise trip home.

I was promised an Iced Chocolate from Silky Oak.
Mitchy was expecting an iPhone .. instead she got an iPapi.

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Melissa said...

Hahahaha that's awesome.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

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