Thursday, September 4, 2014


Rough night being sick. I postponed the funeral home shoot last week because I was sick. It got worse over the last few days and I didn't want to reschedule again last minute. Woke up feeling like crap and got ready for the shoot anyway. I figured, if this flu is going to kill me, I'm going to the right place.

Simplicity is a small little business that's only kicked off in the last year or so here in Hawkes Bay. There's some competition here in The Bay, but they're doing ok despite not having the full embalming facility up and running yet.

The shoot was strictly for their website and it's a part of my contract not to use images since I relinquished all rights to them. I will, however, plug the company for advertising sake with a front of the building shot.

Totally pleasant people to work with in a charming little set up.
Simplicity Bereavement Services, Hawkes Bay Ltd.

My Dad took us on a tour through a mortuary once during a weekend visit when I was 12.
When I came home and told my Mum the events of our weekend with Dad, she ripped him a new one.

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