Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Muy Bien.

Drawing with pastels. She has learned how to write her name. Sometimes mistakes a T for a J, but it's a work in progress. She likes pastels better than crayons. I suppose if they weren't the KMart $3 crayons it would make a difference. It's like drawing with ear wax when you buy cheap crayons.


A day outside. It may have been wrong to teach her how to strike a match and set your back yard bonfire alight, but in the case of an Apocalypse that sends us into survival mode, it will be knowledge well learned.

Letters & numbers chart.

Muy bien.

Trip to the park today.

Spelling her name with blocks. Lucky her name is simple. I think at 15, Shailahzay is still learning how to spell her name.

She's been asking for plants since she saw Ngawi's tomato plants.
The cilantro could use some viagra.

Snow in Spring.


Melissa said...

I LOVE pastels as well. They're the best. I like painting with acrylic paints then, once dry, going over it in more detail with the pastels. It makes a beautiful picture.
Great pic's of the bubs, she seems like she's doing great right?

Me said...

That's all great stuff to learn, I love pastels too. You should teach her how to light a fire with a magnifying glass too, in case of no matches.

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