Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Schooling.

All is well.
She can finally identify numbers.
Rang 9-1-1 the other day on the phone after seeing it on a TV show we were watching. NZ, did you know if you ring 9-1-1 here it will work as if you called 1-1-1? And you'll get the $6 charge if it was a faux call?
Learn something new everyday.

Making a gladiator arena.

Good times with Shaily.

A boat.

Current studies:
Science: Good habits & Bad habits, senses.
Music: Crochets, minims & semi-breves
Math: 1 - 10
Korero Maori: Tahi - Tekau
Home Ec: Dry & fluid measurements
Social: Fail. It seems she hates everyone. Don't know where she get's that from.

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Me said...

Dan called once to see if it worked too. I like her boat :)

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